Case Studies

Case Studies



Case 1 : Combined LC-MS / LC-SPE-cryoNMR method applied to drug impurity identification

"The identification and quantification of impurities in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Pharmaceutical Products is a very intensive activity performed at many levels of the drug discovery pipeline and beyond..." (read more )

Case 2 : Integrated analytical solution to drug metabolite identification

"Proper understanding of the metabolism of a drug is one of the keys to the successful development of a new small molecule drug. In depth knowledge of metabolization and its kinetics delivers chemists crucial information that can aid them to further optimize compounds and support the preclinical development of a new drug...." (read more )

Case 3 : drug-target interaction study

"In the search for new chemical entities (NCE) that are able to interact with a selected disease relevant target, biologists and chemists spend significant efforts in developing and applying very advanced screening assays. These target, based assays are used in screening campaigns with large libraries of compounds searching for inhibiting or activating molecules. However, not all targets are amenable to high throughput screening (HTS) platforms and, despite the initial enthusiasm and trust put into these approaches, the overall hit rates was found to be rather low ...." (read more )

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