Chemicals, Polymers & Materials

Impurity Profiling

Our team of experts develops and applies innovative workflows based on LC-MS and NMR methods to detect, quantify and characterise impurities (organic, inorganic, residual solvents).Depending on the technical requirements we can complement these methods with so-called SPE and cryo-cooled NMR technologies. The main advantages of these approaches are:

  • high-sensitivity : using LC-SPE and cryo-cooled NMR probe, we can efficiently detect and analyse impurities present at low concentrations <<1% of the main component.
  • fast results: using our integrated multidisciplinary approach, we can quickly provide results.
  • robustness : our analytical processes involve the use of complementary analytical methods.

Our approach ensures fast and reliable detection, quantification and characterization of impurities to support product development or registration procedures for a producer or importer (for e.g. REACH).


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