Spinnovation facility is a 500 square meter site dedicated to high-end analytical methods and instruments. Our GMP facility houses 4 laboratories focused respectively on sample preparation and wet-lab activities in one hand, analytical method development and structure analysis on the other hand.

GMP Certificate # NL-H14-1003377

Our wet-lab is fitted with all necessary features and equipment to handle efficiently and safely sample preparation, conditioning and storage to further support the analytical work (fume-hood, mobile ventilation units, milli-Q water system, safety cabinets, etc).


Equipment list


  • 2 x 500MHz Avance III Bruker NMR spectrometer (incl. cryoprobe and LC-cryoNMR features)
  • 400MHz Avance III Bruker NMR spectrometer
  • 400MHz Avance Bruker solid-state NMR spectrometer (incl. 19F-NMR fluorine capabilities)
  • XRPD Empyrean Panalytical
  • ICP-OES 7100 Agilent
  • LC-ESI-TOF MicroTof mass spectrometer Bruker
  • UPLC-QTof mass spectrometer Waters
  • Sample handler Gilson
  • HPLC Agilent 1200 (DAD, column oven, CTC sample handler/sample collector)
  • HPLC Agilent 1200 (UV, column oven, sample handler/sample collector)
  • Solid-phase extraction system Prospekt 2 (2x96 columns)






Spinnovation Analytical is part of Sinensis Life Sciences

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