Food & Nutraceuticals

Complex Mixture Analysis

Spinnovation can elucidate the composition of complex mixtures and/or focus on the analysis of specific components in complex mixtures. We can assess many different parameters and can for instance determine the presence of contaminants, degradents, assess product stability or detect adulteration.

Our analytical capabilities and expertise allow us to analyze:

  • the broadest range of products, this includes milk products, oils and solid-fat, sugars and derivatives, essential oils, etc.
  • complex molecular systems such as dispersion (suspension / emulsion), gels or molecular encapsulation.

We rapidly assess the issue you want to address and define the best experimental approach. We carry out the project based on a detailed workplan allowing you to monitor progress and costs efficiently. Spinnovation can perform the analyses in-house or consult on in-house process development and implementation. 


Spinnovation Analytical is part of Sinensis Life Sciences

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