Food & Nutraceuticals

Metabolic Profiling

Spinnovation delivers services to Food and Nutraceutical companies to detect and assess changes in metabolic profiles. Our state-of-the-art technology platform is fitted with the most advanced tools to establish NMR-based metabolic profiles (from body-fluids or extracts), and detect and quantify biomarkers. Our platform encompasses key elements allowing for an optimal automation, traceability and identification of variations in metabolic profiles:

  • It is suitable for the detection of (changes in) a broad-spectrum of compounds such as small molecules, peptides, proteins, oligosaccharides, lipids or combinations thereof
  • An automated sample handler is used for the preparation and distribution of samples on the platform to guarantee reproducibility and ensure suitable throughput
  • Spinnovation provides access to extensive metabolite databases as well as the opportunity to develop custom-made databases.

Spinnovation provides customized metabolic profiling services. In close interaction with our customers, we evaluate the parameters that have to be monitored and establish an optimal strategy. Our team performs the complete analysis in-house, or alternatively, generates high-quality data that are further processed and interpreted by our customers.


Spinnovation Analytical is part of Sinensis Life Sciences

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