Food & Nutraceuticals

Structure Elucidation

Spinnovation performs structure elucidation of compounds of interest in food-or other natural products. Based on an integrated multi-disciplinary approach, including NMR and MS methods, we derive detailed structural information and establish structural model(s).

Spinnovation makes uses of state-of-the-art methods and technologies carrying specific advantages:

  • Robust separation and isolation: HPLC combined with automated sample collection or peak trapping is used to isolate and enrich compounds to be analysed. .
  • Sensitivity: structure elucidation can be performed with as little as 10-200ug of starting material.
  • Most detailed structural information: through our combined high-end analytical methods, we have access to the highest structural resolution power !

In consultation with our client, we establish the most efficient approach and define a detailed work-plan with clearly identified milestones.


Spinnovation Analytical is part of Sinensis Life Sciences

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