Interaction study

Spinnovation delivers NMR-based services and consulting to support the identification and characterization of molecular interactions. With our technology and expertise we can detect weak- to intermediary binding of a ligand to its target (mM - ┬ÁM range) and analyze a.o. ligand-protein binding, API-excipient interaction in soluble formulations, competitive binding, etc.

Our platform is fitted with state-of-the-art cryo-cooled and high-field NMR technologies that provide

  • high-resolution : Spinnovation has access to several NMR spectrometers that operate at 500, 600 and 800MHz.
  • sensitivity : the use of cryo-cooled NMR probes allows for the analysis of samples in millimolar to sub-micromolar concentrations.
  • automation : we have several systems available to achieve automatic sample preparation and analysis for an increased throughput.

Spinnovation can design and execute the complete process of developing and performing NMR-based assays. On a consultancy basis, we also support our clients to develop and implement custom designed methods.


Spinnovation Analytical is part of Sinensis Life Sciences

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