Metabolite Identification

Spinnovation excels in the analysis of molecules in complex samples. Combining extraction and separation methods (liquid-liquid, SPE, HPLC) our team can isolate and identify (drug) metabolites in all relevant biological samples. HPLC and solid-phase-extraction methods are used to select fractions or isolate single molecules that are subsequently concentrated and analysed with a multidisciplinary approach that can include LC-MS, LC-SPE-NMR, and LC-SPE-NMR-MS analyses.

This innovative approach:

  • provides the most detailed structural information to identify drug metabolites
  • delivers the most accurate quantitative information
  • outperforms in most cases the classical LC-MS/MS approach as it delivers unambiguous results

Depending on the nature of both the sample and drug metabolites to be detected / identified, Spinnovation implements the most cost-effective combination of technologies.


Spinnovation Analytical is part of Sinensis Life Sciences

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